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One of our greatest challenges, as Muslim schools, is to mould our learners to become good, dynamic Muslims who will contribute positively to the broader South Africa. They must be Muslims of good character, sincere and practicing believers displaying the true qualities of a Muslim.

They must be proud and loyal citizens of South Africa who identify unequivocally with it. And they must accept themselves as sons and daughters of Africa, nurtured by its black, fertile soil and molded by the intense heat of its searing sun.

It is in recognition of this great challenge that we have decided on a name change for the school.
PMS will henceforth be known as the TSHWANE MUSLIM SCHOOL, LAUDIUM

This decision might have been taken recently, but the road leading to it reflects the sad, but heroic history of South Africa. The road passed through an arrogant Pretoria and a multi-cultural Marabastad, was forced through an ethnic Laudium and negotiated to a free Tshwane. It was already in existence in 1820 when Indians first set foot in Natal, was shaped by the narrow vision of a minority white group in 1910, was warped by the politics of Afrikaners in 1948, was given direction and impetus by brave young black students in 1976, and was fashioned by the birth of a new, multi-racial democracy in 1994. And it was inspired by the courage, vision and sacrifices of the likes of Sheik Yusuf, Imam Haroon, Moulana Cachalia. Ahmed Timol, Hector Peterson, Nelson Mandela and many other unsung heroes.

"This name change symbolizes our search for an appropriate role for our school and a relevant identity for our learners in a multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-religious democratic South Africa. It also symbolizes our response to and involvement in the nascent African Renaissance in this new millennium which has been dubbed the African century." by President Thabo Mbeki.



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