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All praises are attributed to Allah who shows special care for His servants, peace and salutations be upon our beloved Muhammad (SAW) who cared for humanity more than he cared for himself.


The TMS has excelled since the establishment of the Outreach Community Programme in 1999. The programme endeavours to include all aspects of the school curriculum and an extension of the Islamic Studies curriculum thus developing holistic human beings. Learners are conscientised of their social responsibilities to the community they live in and to humanity at large. This programme has enriched students with learning experiences that have transcended them beyond the classroom.

 Learners, both girls and boys grades 8 to 12 participate in this extra curricular programme on Tuesdays and Thursdays. A dedicated, committed and caring team of educators co-ordinate this programme. The learners are involved in many projects and activities in and on the peripheral of  Tshwane.

Among them are: 

Ø       Adopting an orphan child from the Groenkloop Children’s Home for the day at the TMS. The learners express affection, care and spoil these children while engaging in interactive games and activities.

Ø       Teaching basic life skills and sports training to the mentally challenged learners at the Laudium Mental Health Society.

Ø       Visiting the children at the Prinshoff School for the Blind in Pretoria. The learners spend quality time interacting with these visually impaired children. During a workshop at the PMS, learners were taught to read Quraan in Braille thus thanking Allah for the bounty of sight.

Ø       Translating the concept of ‘Ubuntu’ into action with a unique project each year.  In the latest project, the grade 8 learners provided bread to each learner at the Steve Thswete Secondary School in Olivienhoutbosh informal settlement.

Ø       Hosting a High Tea for the senior citizens. The learners joined hands with the Laudium Muslim Ladies Forum and entertained the seniors who returned home laughing and smiling.

Ø       Preparing sandwiches daily for the less fortunate learners at the TMS. Educators and learners bring lunch for these less fortunate learners who do not have the means to bring lunch of any sort to school. Charity begins at home.

Ø       Visiting various schools, madressas and crèches weekly. Home visits to bed ridden senior citizens are also conducted.

The group volunteers in aiding the senior citizens on sports days and other functions. The fruits of the seeds that were sowed by the TMS and Dr Sam Motsuenyane jointly at the Winterveld Citrus Farms were reaped. Members of the Outreach Programme attended the First Harvest Celebration, which was held in Winterveld. The TMS has pledged two more boreholes. 

The TMS Outreach Group has embarked on an IT project. The Department of Education was consulted and upon their recommendation two under privileged schools in the Northern Province were identified. Sixty computers have been donated to these schools and two computer centres has been set up. Alhamdulillah.  

Projects and experiences of this nature embed qualities of forbearance, kindness, responsibility and compassion in the learners thus empowering them to make a difference to the less fortunate in our communities. The Programme provides the learners with a sense of fulfilment and grants them an opportunity for self-expression. 

           Nabie {SAW} said:

              “Those who have mercy will receive the mercy of The Most Merciful.

                Have mercy on those who are on earth, the One in Heaven will have mercy on you"     {Tirmidhi}


We ask Allah {SWT} to grant the TMS Outreach Programme Consortium the ability to continue its services of reaching out and having mercy on Allah’s creation. Aameen.

Our school participates in many social programs throughout the year. We encourage student participation, and hope to make a difference together.

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